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This post is dedicated to my amazing and talented friends and colleagues Basak, Marc, Kate and our teacher Dana Slamp for bringing us together.

The four of us gathered to celebrate the holiday over a delicious meal prepared by Kate.  As the conversation and laughter rolled through dinner, Basak asked us all to say one word that we wanted to manifest more of during 2017.  We went one by one and the following words flew out of our souls: abundance, completion, love and time.

Each word is powerful in its own right but when combined together they blended into an endless sea of possibilities for each of us. Just like us; powerful and talented on our own but when we combine forces we create something much larger than each of us could do on our own.

I thought long about each word in the days following our lovely dinner and how each one is applicable to me.

Abundance. Who doesn’t wish to manifest abundance?  When I think of abundance, I don’t only think of material world.  I think of the abundance of knowledge that I am in the process of acquiring through the study of Yoga, Ayurveda and Sound Healing.  I think about how much of this knowledge can be shared with others to build healthy and resilient communities. I am manifesting the sharing of this abundance through creating workshops and training programs that are accessible not only to the teachers of these practices but also to an everyday householder who is looking to improve their own life and the life of people around him or her.

Completion. This is sometimes difficult for someone like me who has so many things going on at the same time.  Like many of you, I am juggling two careers, going to school and trying to have a life. My homework assignments have been piling up in 2016 and I have decided to manifest the completion for the remaining in 2017.  Before 2016 was over, I completed all of the requirements for the IAYT and was recently notified that I am now a Certified Yoga Therapist.  It felt great to have completed this program and I feel excited about the opportunities this will bring into my life.  For 2017, I am manifesting the completion of the Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner program that I have been working on through 2016.

Love.  There are many kinds of love that we experience in life: romantic, parental, platonic, self-love, etc.  Although each of these are experienced differently they can all come from a selfish ego driven heart.  When we love romantically from an ego-heart, we can easily become possessive, jealous and even competitive with our partner.  The same can be experienced with our friends and family members.  However, when love comes from an altruistic heart it transforms both the lover and the beloved. You love for the sake of love.   I have been working on transforming my ego oriented heart into an altruistic one.  This is a hard task that I suppose will take me many lifetimes to complete but I am manifesting this work in 2017.

Time.  The final manifestation is to have more time for life to happen.  Learning how to organize, prioritize and complete tasks so that there is abundance of time to love and enjoy life to its fullest.  Time does not wait for us.  Now is the time to wake up and start working on ourselves to find our liberation.

I am grateful to my dear friends for creating this beautiful frame of work for us.

May the universe support you in your journey!



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