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Since I was about 18 years old I wanted to skydive.  Something about being above the clouds and feeling the freedom of flying fascinated me.  As I go older I carried my dream with me but somehow every year went by and I didn’t do it.  So I created a silly milestone for myself; my birthday.  At first it was before I turn 25, then 30, then 35 and finally 40.  Each year that I didn’t jump seemed to give more room to fear.  I figured the older I got the more likely I would not do it as I could create a lot more reasons not to do it.  About three weeks ago I finally decided to do it.  Of course my birthday is coming up and it served as a reminder that I am getting much closer the 40 mark and if I wait who knows what might happen.  So I did it.  I called up Sussex Skydive and booked my jump.  To my surprise my dear friend and team mate at work decided to join me.  We were both full of excitement and anticipation for the next two weeks as we awaited our jump.  On Sunday, August 14th we arrived at the Skydive zone and were greeted by an extremely sweet and friendly staff. I did not know what to expect and somehow I was not overly worried.  This was surprising to me especially since I was about to trust my life into the hands of a total stranger.  I knew however, that this was a much needed experience for me in many ways.  To overcome trust issues and fear of the unknown to name a few.

The plane ride was calm.  As I sat strapped to my guide we began to synchronize our breath.  It happened naturally as he was centering himself for the jump.  We created a team, a team that I could trust.  Before I knew it, it was time for us to take the plunge into the open sky.  As we took a dive out of the plane and unexplained feeling took over me.  As we flipped in the air I was not sure at first which way was up as everything was the sky around me.  After we stabilized our free fall, I felt incredible.  I was flying.  It was pretty loud in the free fall.  Once my guide pulled the parachute open the loud sound of the free fall disappeared instantly and there was an incredible silence all around me.  This silence and the scenery ware majestic.  I have never experienced such deep silence with my eyes open. As we descended I got to control the parachute for a bit. Our landing was smooth and soft.  When my feet touched the ground, I was high on life.  I was full of enthusiasm.  I could not stop smiling.

This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  It has set a tone for me as I move forward in following all of my dreams.  When are young we feel that we can accomplish anything.  All of us at some point dreamed about becoming astronaut or famous person.  However, as we get older we loose our enthusiasm and zest for certain things in life.  We let fear set in: fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of loosing what we earned so hard if we follow a different path and the list can go on and on.   This month I invite you to follow Your dreams.  Remember what you always wanted to do and make a list. Then make it a priority in your life and begin to notice how things in your life begin to make space for your true heart’s desire.

Spread your wings and enjoy your flight!




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