Sound Healing Sessions

“Sound is the medicine of the future.” – Edgar Cayce


hysics defines Sound as vibration that propagates as an auditable wave of pressure and displacement, though a medium such as air or water. The human body is made up of 70% water thus making it a perfect medium for sound vibration. Our body is effected by sound on the cellular level. Through the use of Tibetan (Himalayan) Singing bowls the body is introduced to the healing harmonic sound wave that helps dislodge stagnation on the cellular level and bring the body/mind into its perfect tune.

The Bowls

The bowls are made according to an ancient technique in a small village in Nepal. They are infused with healing intention through the chanting of special mantras by the craftsmen who make them. The bowls consist of a seven metal alloy of gold, silver, iron, mercury, tin copper and lead which correspond to the seven chakras and the planets in the solar system.

How to Experience a Session

There are couple of ways to experience a session: group (large/small) sound healing meditation/concert or a private session. Both practices are about an hour long and the participant(s) lie in a supported supine position. During a group session, deep relaxation protocols are introduced as well the bowl is placed and rung directly on a person’s body to encourage deeper vibrations.

During a private session sound healing can be used as a complimentary approach to address areas such as arthritis, ADHD/ADD, anti-depression, anti-anger, chakra balancing and warm water therapy to name a few.

  • “Julia was so accommodating to set up a couples session for us, arranging her beautiful bowls around both of us and creating such an atmosphere of peace and healing in our own living room. We leave the sessions feeling like we just had a massage on a cellular level, we sleep solid that evening, and we look forward to seeing her for the next session. The couple’s sessions also have deepened my relationship with my husband. We both believe in it so much that we also attend as many of Julia’ s workshops as we can.“ J & B

  • Jenn D.

    “I did not expect the level of resonance at which the vibrations of the bowls would work. There is no explaining the feeling of having the grounding bowls on your body and feeling their vibrations moving through every cell in your body. Julia always guides me though a private session with care and support, talking me though any feelings that might arise or helping me move deeper into the experience….“ ~ Jenn D.

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Benefits Include

Deep relaxation
Stress reduction
Muscle and joint pain relief
Lower blood pressure
Improved concentration
Increased creativity
Heightened intuition

aama orphanage education project

Sound and Vibrational School

The Atma Buti School

My practice was passed down to me through the Master Sound Healer and Teacher Suren Shrestha of Atma Buti School in Boulder, Colorado. A major part of the school’s proceeds go to fund the construction and development of the Aama Orphanage in Nepal. To learn how you can get involved in this much needed project please visit